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Low mood, heightened anxiety, mood swings, tearfulness and loss of confidence are common symptoms many peri menopausal women report to their GP during their consultation. However, due to time constraints or a GP’s lack of knowledge around the subject, many menopausal women are incorrectly prescribed anti depressants rather than HRT. 


Aly soon realised this and hence

'Simply Menopausal' was launched...

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Meet Aly Dilks...

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Registered General Nurse in 1988 and as a midwife in 1992.

Also a British Menopause Society Accredited Specialist.

She is passionate about helping women to understand their menopause and offers advice and treatment to help with their symptoms, with several years experience in the field of menopause working in both the NHS and the Private Sector.

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About Simply Menopausal...

Based at The Health Suite

The Health Suite is  registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The role of the CQC is to monitor, inspect and regulate health services to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety.

What our patients think...


I can strongly recommend going to see Aly if anyone has any menopausal symptoms. She is very knowledgeable about the area and listens in a compassionate and understanding way. She has a really good knowledge and understanding of everything related to the menopause and I certainly left feeling understood, well-informed and aware of my menopausal symptoms. Within three days of starting HRT my sleep was massively improved, my brain fog had lifted and I felt back to my old self. I cannot recommend Aly highly enough and have recommended her to several friends, one of whom has already been to her and had the same very positive experience and benefits of HRT.