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Why we love KNOWN supplements!

Menopause is a normal part of the aging process and it affects all women at some point of their life. The average age of the menopause is 51 with life expectancy for women in the UK at 83 so women potentially spend 1/3 of their life post menopausal! Alongside our HRT treatments, there are many other ways to enhance your life and health. Known Supplements are our go-to choice to add beneficial nutrients and vitamins into our daily diets.

Low mood and worry...

Women often find anxiety, loss of confidence, low mood, mood swings and rages as common menopausal symptoms. We recommend the Known Ashwaganda Gummies to help promote a feeling of calm as well as promoting healthy sleep.

Poor sleep getting you down?

If poor sleep along with night sweats and anxiety are leading to you feeling exhausted then the KNOWN Sleep Better Gummies are our go to. They offer a delicious mixed berry flavour proven to help you drift off peacefully!

Vitamin D packs in so many benefits, so boost your levels!

Women lose 5% of their bone density in the first five years of the peri-menopause and this can lead to osteoporosis if not looked after well. It's also well 'known' (pardon the pun) that in the UK we don't get enough of the good old fashioned sunshine and so we can all benefit from a boost in our Vitamin D levels throughout the year. KNOWN offers Vitamin D supplements that are in gummy form as well, so nice and easy to add into your day to day diet. Menopause is not optional and happens to all women at some point and so it is important to be well informed to ensure that you can make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

There's a vitamin, supplement and product for all types of concerns and need and we've tried and tested KNOWN for a while now so can testify their effectiveness.

Simply Menopausal is a private, nurse-led menopause clinic that offers 45 minute consultations to enable you to discuss your own menopause journey, your past medical history, talk about diet and lifestyle modifications and be prescribed HRT, if appropriate. Appointments can be face to face in both Leicester and Ely, Cambridgeshire or online if you prefer. The advice is research based and follows The British Menopause Society Guidelines and include a letter to your GP so that you can arrange your ongoing prescriptions on the NHS. For more information or to book a consultation, visit the website

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