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Explore your options with our Cambridgeshire Menopause Clinic

Our Ely Clinic opened in 2023 and has been a fantastic addition to our services as we offer our five star rated services for women across Cambridgeshire. After opening our Leicestershire clinic we have found 100's of women have been in need of our services and alongside our events, corporate talks and consultations, we wanted to offer more clinics across the UK.

By opening our clinic in Ely, Cambridgeshire at Enhance Dental Practice we have now been able to offer clinics on Monday's and Thursday's. This also includes our virtual appointments which can be held at either location.

Our consultations are perfect for women who need advice that they're just not receiving from their GP. We offer 45 minute appointments and we write to your GP following our appointments so you know your plan is with your healthcare providers. Aly is also an experienced advanced nurse so can prescribe your HRT and products privately for you too.

We're finding women are joining us from all over Cambridgeshire and London as we're easy to reach from Ely train station. Ely is a beautiful location for us to be part of and we're looking forward to what 2024 has to hold.

Book your appointment here and join us to help you enjoy the rest of your life again!

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