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Menopause MOT

We all send our cars for an annual service and MOT, so why not ourselves? The team at Simply Menopausal are excited to launch the Menopause MOT consultation which has been formulated to provide a detailed understanding of our current health status during this time of our lives. This helps in managing menopause effectively and improving overall health and well-being plus it's always beneficial to understand what's going on inside, where we can make improvements and get some answers to some questions you had! Please note that this service is only available in Leicester at The Health Suite.


What's included in the Menopause MOT?

The Menopause MOT goes deeper than a regular check-up. It involves a range of tests that provide a more comprehensive view of your health, allowing us to offer more accurate and personalised treatment recommendations for menopause-related health concerns.


The Menopause MOT includes:

  • A full blood test (includes full blood count, thyroid function, liver and kidney function, folate and ferritin, cholesterol levels and blood sugar)

  • ECG heart reading (reviewed by a specialist)

  • BMI calculation (estimates a person's body fat based on their height and weight)

  • Pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation level test

  • Diet, exercise, and lifestyle review

  • A comprehensive report with your test results, expert advice, and any recommended follow-up guidance, delivered the following day.

The Menopause MOT, including the full report, is £450.

Book your MOT!

Your appointment will last 45 minutes and will be conducted by Louise Bowie, an experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner who works closely with Aly.


To book your Menopause MOT or make an enquiry, please contact The Health Suite at 0116 241 0010 or email us at

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