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Wow! I went to see Aly not really expecting her to really do anything for me, probably I was a bit sceptical, however, after talking to Aly & telling her all the issues I had, she explained the menopause so clearly & in an understanding way. She prescribed HRT gel for me & the difference is unbelievable. After months of not sleeping, I now go right through the night & wake up refreshed, most of my aches & pains have gone which I never associated with the menopause & this happened almost instantly. I cannot recommend a visit to Aly's clinic enough. She has the knowledge, time & patience to spend with you unlike GP's.



I can strongly recommend going to see Aly if anyone has any menopausal symptoms. She is very knowledgeable about the area and listens in a compassionate and understanding way. She has a really good knowledge and understanding of everything related to the menopause and I certainly left feeling understood, well-informed and aware of my menopausal symptoms. Within three days of starting HRT my sleep was massively improved, my brain fog had lifted and I felt back to my old self. I cannot recommend Aly highly enough and have recommended her to several friends, one of whom has already been to her and had the same very positive experience and benefits of HRT.



I had my first visit to Aly yesterday. I have been suffering for 2 years and not getting any where with my Gp. Somebody told me about Aly and I decided to book in a visit as I just couldn't take any more. We had a long chat about all my symptoms and issues and Aly made me feel like I wasn't losing my mind and I will get through this ! Aly started me on treatment the same day. I left the building feeling a different person after talking to her and came out with a more positive attitude that I will get through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was the best decision to go private and see Aly and I cannot wait to be me again. Highly recommended a visit to her!we all deserve to be well and happy and Aly will make that happen



I'm 67 and feel like I've been perimenopausal for about 25 years, with depression my main problem. Aly was recommended to me by a trusted friend and, having tried numerous options to feel better, such as NLP, I decided to book a consultation. Straight away it was like talking to someone I’d known for years, and Aly reassured me very quickly. She took many details about me and my menopausal journey and I felt heard and understood; Aly's experience shone out. Although I was already aware of the risks of starting HRT at my age, we had a long talk about the pros and cons. The consultation was enough for me to make my decision to begin a course. The results aren't yet in, but I'm very optimistic! For anyone thinking about what to do, I would definitely recommend a chat to Aly to help you to decide.



I wasn't sure if I was suffering with the menopause or not as I didn't get any of the normal hot flushes. I'd had a coil fitted some years ago so no longer had periods, but I had been  struggling with my sleep for some time. This  was leaving me unable to concentrate at work, short tempered at home and just generally exhausted all of the time.

When I did finely visited my GP, I was only asked questions regarding my personal circumstances, had anything changed in it, was I suffering from stress at work, had I got marriage problems etc ?  The Menopause was never even mentioned. 

After speaking to friends I decided to go and see Aly. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel at ease straight away. She explained all about the symptoms woman have with the menopause very clearly and in a professional but easy understandable manner.

If I'm honest I wasn't totally convinced HRT would make much difference but she was so thorough and I genuinely felt that she cared about my wellbeing so I decided to give it a go and I'm so pleased I did.

Within 3 days my sleep pattern had returned to normal and I was no longer having concentration problems at work. My mood swings at home disappeared and my energy levels returned to normal. I was finally back to my old self again.

I really can't thank Aly enough for what she has done to make feel "normal" again.  I cannot express enough my words of gratitude and I would strongly recommend anyone to go and see her at her clinic.

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I actually had a number of symptoms for many years but only recently became aware that they were likely to be due to the menopause. Things like brain fog, restless nights, anxiety and palpitations and aching joints. I just put it all down to getting older! It was only after chatting to a friend who had recommended Aly that I realised there could be a connection. I didn’t want to go to the gp in the current COVID environment as it felt silly and frivolous when there are much more serious issues to be dealt with! Booking the appointment with someone who is a specialist felt like a good option especially as I had a recommendation. Aly was great, no rushing she took time to listen and asked great questions that helped me to articulate how I was feeling and really took time to explain how our hormones change and different options on how to manage the symptoms. No pressure just a really great conversation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aly to anyone and just wish I had done it sooner.



I got in touch with Aly after being on HRT for over 1 year but felt I was going downhill rather than uphill. I felt uncomfortable talking to my GP due to short appointment times, finding it difficult to verbalise my symptoms and just feeling like a failure. Aly listened with care and compassion at my situation and very quickly put my mind at ease.She gave me a plan of action, including the what next, if the new regime didn't meet my requirements. Even though it would take a while for new regime to kick in, I began to feel confident about the future and had someone in my corner backing me up and making sure I felt worthy of the help I needed. A few days on, I am now feeling the benefit and have more confidence that I will feel better. I cannot thank Aly enough for her care and attention but also knowing I am not the only one. I will continue my journey with the knowledge I am in very safe and caring hands xxx



I wish I had gone to see Aly earlier! I had been on HRT for about 18 months but didn't really get the information I needed. I found it difficult to talk to my GP and things had just been getting worse and worse with my symptoms. The careful and considerate consultation I had with Aly gave me a sense of optimism that I had long since lost. She totally understood my situation and explained it in a way I could relate too. I now have a plan of action and a sense of purpose which I didn't have before. Very grateful for the time and expertise of Aly and will be back to continue my journey. Thanks 😊