Private Practice...

Frustrated with your consultation from your GP or find it difficult to get an appointment that fits around your busy schedule?

Aly offers private menopause consultations.

Your first consultation lasts for 45 minutes - this gives  plenty of time to explore your symptoms together and come to a mutual plan as to how to manage these symptoms. As a nurse prescriber, she is able to prescribe medication. This is via a private prescription. Aly follows NICE guidelines and prescribes accordingly.

After your consultation, she will email you a copy of the discussion and treatment plan for your future reference. She is happy to copy in your GP if you request this. If a prescription is generated, then the ongoing issuing and supply of prescribed medication can be arranged and dispatched to your home address.

While it is not normally necessary to take a blood test to diagnose menopause as it is  best practice  to treat your symptoms, occasionally blood tests are required and this can be arranged at the clinic ( prices on application).

If a mirena coil is prescribed as the best treatment option for the progesterone arm of your HRT or for contraception, this can also be arranged at the clinic.

Aly works within her own remit as a nurse, and can refer you to a gynaecologist for further investigations  or she is happy to  write to your GP and suggest further investigations or treatment options if she feels this is necessary

Covid-19 Update

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Out of Leicester or don't feel comfortable to come into the health clinic? No problem! Aly offers Zoom Consultations, so you can have a consultation in the comfort of your own home!


Initial Consultation (45 minutes)

followed up with a complimentary telephone call 6 weeks later                 £175.00

Review - Face to Face (20 minutes)                                                                 £85.00

Prescription Administration Fee                                                                     £15.00

Smear Test                                                                                 Price on application


Blood Test                                                                                  Price on application

Coil Fit                                                                                       Price on application

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